Why Fish Treats 

Great source of Omega 3 & 6 with their antioxident and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Great for the skin and coat - suitable for dogs with allergies

The essential fatty acids helps joints and mobility 

Low calorie for weight management 

Fish is an easy digestible protein source making it especially good for dogs with sensitive digestions, liver or kidney disease. 

Fish protein helps as your dog goes through changes in life with growth and development 

Grain Free 

Treats such as dried fish skins helps maintain dental hygiene 

Fish Treats (8)

Oceans Salmon and Cod Fingers


Fish Skin Cubes


Innocent Hound Salmon Bites with Sweet Potato


Green & Wilds Plaice Fish Sticks


Green & Wilds Fish Crunchies with Charcoal


Green & Wilds Cornish Fishcakes with Salmon & Pumpkin Seed


Green & Wilds Cod Fish Sticks


Green & Wilds Andy Bag of Anchovies