Muddy Dog Day - Saturday 30th October 2021 

Let's Celebrate those dogs that love to play in the mud 



 It doesn't matter what breed of dog we may have I'm sure that a lot of you know that dog that can't help but get muddy. 

For a lot of us it makes us smile seeing our dogs enjoy themselves in the mud.  Let's celebrate our muddy dogs - share stories and photographs with each other.  Let's get Muddy Dogs trending on Saturday 30th October 2021. 


Five ways to celebrate National Muddy Dog Day - 30th October 

  •  Meet up with a friend and your dogs for a walk in the countryside
  • Post a photo, or three, of your muddy dog, don’t forget the hashtag #muddydogday
  • Take your dog on a new walk – maybe find some more mud.
  • Treat you and your dog to some new winter walking gear.
  • Plan a fundraiser in your area or donate to a local dog rescue

These are just some ideas – you may have your own ideas on how to celebrate #muddydogday – do whatever makes you and your dog happy.

We’d love to hear and see what you have done to mark the day.  Share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #muddydogday and @distinctivepets on 30th October 2021 so we can share your fantastic, muddy photos and stories.

Check out Social Media for a great giveaway for the muddiest or funniest photo of your mucky pup with prizes including a Ruff and Tumble Mud Drying Coat and Mitts. 

Join us, lets get those paws muddy.

Jo, Muppet, Molly and Rosie (the muddiest Labrador I know)


Muddy dog walk in the woods