What our dog's think of mud survey

What do our dog’s think of mud?

Distinctive Pets have completed a nationwide study about what our dog’s think of mud and the results are in with 89% of dogs love getting dirty or wet.  11% of people are lucky that their dog doesn’t like to get wet, smelly & dirty.

There was a wide range of breeds that like to get dirty and include pedigree dogs and crossbreds. One of the dogs was a Jura Hound who doesn’t like to get wet at all – even not wanting to walk on wet grass.

Some of the more usual ways for our dogs to get plastered in mud (or worse) was to run & jump through mud, rolling in it was a favourite and some lying down in puddles. Some dogs liked to do a variety of all these things.

More specialised moves involved digging in mud, bog diving and finding fox or sheep poo to roll in.  These created the longest clean ups.  

Mud loving springer spaniel

What is the naughtiest or funniest thing dogs have done?

This was the section that I had the most fun reading through and those that completed the survey certainly have some entertaining dogs.

 A very talented Chocolate Labrador fell asleep lying in a muddy puddle, head on a rock as a pillow whilst the owner chatted to a friend.

One of the cross breeds swishes around like a crocodile with the mouth open wide in the muddiest puddles.

A Spaniel from Staffordshire rolled in mud on the canal bank where a fisherman had left a pile of fish guts.  She was covered in slime, mud, scales & guts and we can only imagine the smell.  It took 4 showers to get her clean.

Finally Winnie, the whippet rolled in an enormous pile of badger poo whilst on holiday in a newly refurbished house. She ended up having to be washed off outside with a cold hose – not what a whippet is used to

Green & Wilds Eco Toy

How do you clean up your mucky pup?

There are many ways you clean up your mucky pups from the hose pipe outside to indoor showers.

Several of you have Mud Daddy’s and find them very useful. 

1 or 2 lucky owners have fine coated dogs which clean & dry very easily but most of us have a full clean up procedure involving water in some form, soap and drying.

Some people use soap other shampoo but some just plain water.

The after a wash a wide range of drying coats, towels, noodle mats and fleece coats were used. Only1 person used a drying bag in the car for a spaniel.

My three have paws washed off with the hosepipe before we get to the house, then straight into their Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats.  If really bad – like the day Rosie got stuck in a muck heap, then a natural Coconut Soap from The Dog & I was required. If we go to the beach, then they have their drying coats on and travel home on noodle mats.

Henry Wag pet towel

What muddy dog product would you not be without?

Obviously, a lot of people wouldn’t be without soap or shampoo when dealing with their muddy dogs.  Some people used wet wipes for those smaller clean up jobs.

A few of people used Mud Daddy’s to wash the mud off. But many other used other forms of water including hose pipes and sinks or showers.  

To dry your dogs’ products varied from old towels, drying coats, fleece coats and drying mitts. 

Ruff & Tumble Drying coat on labrador

What tip would you give a new dog owner for managing a muddy dog?

There are many things that a first-time dog owner would like to know but focusing on the fact that dog’s love to roll in mud we asked other dog owners what one tip they could give to new owners and the response was very varied.

A few that stood out are below.

  • Border Terrier owner from Devon suggests getting a Border Terrier as hers has only ever had 2 baths
  • One cockapoo owner always has everything ready before going out for a walk so that it’s all to hand when she gets back in.
  • A lot of owners say things like “let dogs be dogs” and “relax, they’re having fun” but by having things in place so that you’re not constantly searching for things after a walk there will be less stress.
  • The owner of a Shih Tzu & German Shepherd x Filipino dog living in the Philippines says it’s part of dog ownership. Dogs will make you laugh, cry, shout and tire you out. But in the end, it’s all worth it.
  • And finally, a Kokini and Jug owner in Cheshire says her best tip is to make sure your dog is clean, dry and free of mud to prevent the risk of Alabama Rot – a very real risk.

I know that there are many products well worth having and as dog owners, we all have our favourite ways of cleaning and I think it’s finding a routine that suits you and your dog.

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